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19V 3.95A AC Adapter with UK Power Cord for HP / Compaq Laptop

19V 3.95A AC Adapter with UK Power Cord for HP / Compaq Laptop

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The high quality, brand new, exactly AC charger adapter can offer enough power for your laptop and charge your battery.


Input: 100 - 240V AC, 50 - 60Hz
Output: 19V, 3.95A, 75W
Laptop Plug Size: 5.5*2.5mm
LED indication
Short-circuit protection
6 months warranty

Compatible With:
Acer TraveMate Laptop Series:
420,430, 650, 660, 800 Series
Compaq Presario Series:
1200, 1600, 1700, 1800 Series
HP OmniBook VT6200 Series:
F4527HS, F5037HS, F5037JC, F5037JG, F5037JR, F5037JT, F5037J, F5038HS, F5038JC, F5038JG, F5038JR, F5038JT, F5038J, F5039JG, F5039JT, F5040JC, F5040JG, F5040JR, F5040JT, F5040J, F5041JG, F5041JT, F5042HS, F5042JC, F5042JG, F5042JR, F5042JT, F5042J, F5043JC, F5043JG, F5043JR, F5043JT, F5043J, F5044JC, F5044JG, F5044JR, F5044JT, F5044J, F5045JG, F5045JT, F5046JG, F5046JT, F5047JC, F5047JG, F5047JR, F5047JT, F5047J, F5048JC, F5048JG, F5048JR, F5048JT, F5048J, F5049JG, F5049JT, F5050JC, F5050JG, F5050JR, F5050JT, F5050J, F5051HT, F5051H, F5051JC, F5051JG, F5051JR, F5051JT, F5051J, F5052JG, F5052JT, F5053HS, F5053JC, F5053JG, F5053JR, F5053JT, F5053J, F5054JG, F5054JT, F5055JC, F5055JG, F5055JR, F5055JT, F5055J, F5056JC, F5056JG, F5056JR, F5056JT, F5056J, F5057JC, F5057JG, F5057JR, F5057JT, F5057J, F5058JG, F5058JT, F5059JG, F5059JT, F5060HS, F5060JC, F5060JG, F5060JR, F5060JT, F5060J, F5061JC, F5061JG, F5061JR, F5061JT, F5061J, F5157JG, F5157JR, F5157JT, F5157J, F5158JG, F5158JT, F5158J, F5176H, F5176JC, F5176JG, F5176JT, F5176J, F5177HT, F5177H, F5177JG, F5177JR, F5177JT, F5177J, F5178J, F5280HS, F5343JS, F5344JS, F5366JS, F5388LL, F5388LV, F5389LL, F5389LV, F5390LL, F5390LV, F5391LL, F5391LV, F5392HT, F5392H, F5392JC, F5392JG, F5392JR, F5392JT, F5392J, F5393HT, F5393H, F5393JC, F5393JG, F5393JT, F5393J, F5505JS, F5506JS, F5509JS, F5510HS, F5516JS, F5606JS, F5623JS, F5633JS, F5643JS, F5647JS, F5802JS, F5803JS, F5827JS, F6740JS, F6741JS, F6742JS, F6744JS, F6748JS, F6750JS, F6751JS

Package Includes:

1 ( UK 3-prong power cord is included )